ALLNET USA, an authorized distributor of ALLNET brand products, works with system integrators, internet service providers, installers and certified resellers across the United States of America, as well as nearby countries. ALLNET USA has a strategic alliance with leading German distributor ALLNET GmbH founded in Munich by Wolfgang Marcus Bauer in 1991 with operations across Europe and worldwide.

As the exclusive authorized distributor of ALLNET brand products in the United States of America, ALLNET USA presents state-of-the-art network and communication technology, as well as many other innovative products in the areas of network, storage, security and home automation, which are developed in ALLNET laboratories. Through flexibility, speed and innovation, ALLNET develops its own solutions and products that meet the market requirements of today and tomorrow.

ALLNET USA also provides comprehensive IT solutions to our customers across the United States and worldwide. We were founded with the objective of catering to the needs of our customers by offering a competitively priced, high-quality product line with emphasis on networking, communication, security, and software solutions.