Fanvil and ALLNET USA Announce Partnership

ALLNET USA is proud to announce our partnership with Fanvil, an industry-leading global IP and video terminal manufacturer.

Fanvil is an established VoIP desktop phone developer and manufacturer from China. Fanvil has grown into one of the largest and most popular brands of VoIP phones around the world after recognizing the global demand for VoIP based telecommunication solutions.

Fanvil produces devices for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. It is set to become a leading global IP voice and video terminal manufacturer, by providing cost efficient and innovative IP voice and video products. Fanvil VoIP devices encompass quality, style and value for money.



“It’s an honor to announce our partnership with Fanvil, who develops and manufactures unified communication solutions that exemplify quality and reliability. For organizations seeking reliable, affordable unified communication solutions, Fanvil offers a wide array of products that will suit the demands of today’s ever-evolving world of communication. We look forward to a long, successful relationship with Fanvil."

Nicholas Wagner, CEO, ALLNET USA



“I look forward to expanding our EMEA partnership toward a global alliance in USA."

Tommy Lee, Vice President of Sales, Fanvil


For more information pertaining our Fanvil product line, please contact or call us at (863) 417-8777.


About Fanvil (

Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional developer and manufacturer of VoIP products. Fanvil designs VoIP communication devices solutions for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Founded in 2001, Fanvil offer customized products and a full OEM service to Network Operators, Large Distributors, PBX Manufacturers and other high-volume customers for VoIP Phones. Fanvil focuses on meeting our customer's communication technology needs and exceeding their expectations in value and performance. Fanvil VoIP devices always deliver clear speech performance, rich functionality, excellent build quality, and competitive pricing. Our first-class customer service will always make dealing with Fanvil an efficient, professional and pleasurable experience.



ALLNET USA provides comprehensive IT solutions to our customers based in the United States of America and worldwide. ALLNET USA was founded with the objective of catering to the needs of our customers by offering a competitively priced, high-quality product line with emphasis on networking, communication, security, and software solutions.